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Can you imagine a world where you control your money and your money doesn’t control you?  Where you can choose to go to the movies without the nagging thought of credit card bills looming over your head?  Where you have the freedom to enjoy living again without wondering how you are going to ever pay your student loans?

It is possible to get out of debt and have the freedom to live!  Living Free is a blog dedicated to help individuals to take the steps to gain freedom from debt. Getting out of debt is possible…one baby step at a time!


May 16th

Creating the Blue Print 2:   Emergencies -  Life Happens

You have begun this sweet journey to Living Free.  You are realizing now that obtaining financial freedom is going to require work and planning! However, it’s not impossible!

You have taken the steps to realize your current debt situation and analyzed your monthly spending habits.  You have every penny stretched as far as you can and you are making progress in your journey to Living Free.   However, what if the unexpected happens?  What if you need new tires on the car?  What if there is a visit to the emergency room?  The truth is that emergencies happen.  Life happens! 

Let’s take a look at ways to save for the unexpected so you don’t have to increase your debt when they occur.  Before throwing every extra penny you have at the debt, be sure to have some type of small savings account for emergencies.  Use the extra money you have from cutting your spending habits to build this account. (For other ideas on how to build your emergency fund, please click here.) 

It doesn’t have to be a huge sum of money.  Look at saving $1000 or even $500 in this account.  This will help you be prepared when life throws you speed bumps.  That’s all emergencies have to be, speed bumps.  If you have an emergency account, unexpected events don’t have to completely change your financial path. They only need to temporary slow you down on your journey to Living Free.   

Emergencies happen but they don’t have to throw you off course.  Plan for the future and avoid additional financial stress.  Here is a great check list for you to build your emergency fund!  Remember, Living Free requires planning one baby step at a time.



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Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 11:17am
By now, the reality of your financial situation has set in. Your desire for Living Free has ignited a fire inside of you. Don’t let this fire burn out… let’s now begin to create your blue print on how to achieve financial freedom. :p :p Take an honest look at your monthly...
Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at 11:01am
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