Be Realistic...It Takes Time
June 29, 2017 IN Living Free

Your journey to Living Free is off to a fast-paced sprint.   You have made lots of changes and have started to gain a little ground.  You will see initial success in your small debts but realize that this journey needs to be ran at a marathon pace.  Take a breath and slow down.  You have a long way to go...prepare yourself mentally! 

You need to realize that chances are that you did not accumulate this debt in a year and that you are probably are not going to pay if off in a year.  You may think, “How did I let this go on so long?”  Don’t beat yourself up.  We all make mistakes.  The important thing is that you have learned how detrimental poor spending habits can be.  You are finally doing something about it and that is a victory in itself. 

Paying off your debt, changing your mindset, and forming new spending habits are all part of the process.  It’s up to you on how slowly or quickly you would like to pay off your debt.  Remember you are in charge of this journey!  The important thing to remember is to keep moving forward!

Settle in for your marathon race.  Celebrate small victories on the way and know you will eventually get to the finish line.  Every payment you submit is one step closer to Living Free.