Creating the Blue Print 3: Tacking One Debt at a Time
May 31, 2017 IN Living Free

Look back at your lists and the foundation of your blue print.  You are already making good financial choices and you need to celebrate every success on your journey.  Be proud of your progress and look forward to your future.  Now it’s time to start tackling your debts.

Take a look at your list of debts.  They should already be listed in order from least to greatest.  Don’t be overwhelmed.  You are going to tackle this one step at a time.  You will begin with paying off your smallest debt first.  Now, do feel that.  The feeling of sweet success.  That’s one less bill hanging over your head.  One less thing to stress about.

There are a number of reasons why we start with the smallest debt first.  This method gives you immediate satisfaction by allowing you to pay one debt completely off.  It gives you the feeling of accomplishment and you realize it wasn’t as painful as you thought.  This empowerment will give you the extra motivation to keep going along this journey to Living Free.

As you continue to pay off each debt or chip away at it, you will continue to feel that sweet feeling of success time and time again.  You are taking control back of your finances and your life.  You are determined to see this through.  Some debts will be paid off quickly.  However, the larger debts will take time.  Just know that with every payment that you submit, you are taking back control one step at a time.

Celebrate each success along this journey.  Know you are making changes to improve your life and the lives of your family members.  Enjoy the journey to Living Free and not just the final destination.