Summer Family Vacation on a Budget
April 14, 2017 IN Announcements

The weather is getting nice out and the kids are almost out of school.

It’s time to start planning your summer vacation. Vacations are fun but

can be EXPENSIVE! If money is tight, don’t rule out a family trip just yet.

There are ways to save and still have a great time! Here are some cost

saving tips for your trip:

Snacks for the Road

Pack plenty of snacks and drinks for your trips. Kids are always hungry.

Be prepared for when they start to have a snack-attack! An accessible

packed ice chest in the car keeps the kids fed and keep you from having

to stop so much. Skipping the drive-thrus saves on money and time.


Lodging can be the biggest expense on any trip. The best way to save

money on lodging is to try staying with friends or camping. Being

outdoors is good for the soul! Camping allows you spend time in the

fresh open air while making memories with your family. Cutting costs

on lodging will enable you to splurge a bit more in other ways on your



Since you have saved money by changing your lodging, you may be

able to do more activities to keep the kids busy. However, if you are

trying to cut costs in every area, you could try taking the kids shing,

go to the beach, visit national parks or historical monuments. Of

course, these are not as exciting as a trip to the nearest theme park.

However, maybe you can mix in some of these free adventures with the

expensive ones. One last tip, as you are out experiencing these new

adventures, skip the souvenirs. They are cute but can drain your pocketbook

fast. Instead, take lots of pictures. Look for photo opportunities

along the way. Pictures can help you relive your trip time and time

again without spending a dime.