List of Fees

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Member Account Fees 
 TEFCU Joining Fee  $2.00
 Share Account Withdrawal Fee (after 2 per month)   $2.00
 Monthly Service Fee (Traditional Checking only)  $9.00
 Overdraft from Share Account  $3.00
 Non-Sufficient Funds Item or Courtesy Pay Item  $29.00
 Returned Deposit Item  $10.00
 Draft Collection  $20.00
 Stop Payment  $25.00
 Stop Payment on CU-issued Check  $30.00
 Copy of Paid Check  $2.00
 Statement Copy  $3.00
 CU Check (after 2 share withdrawals per month)  $2.00
 Account Balancing (one hour minimum)  $25.00 per hour
 Wire Transfer - Outgoing  $20.00
 Wire Transfer - Incoming  $10.00
 Temporary Check Charge (4 checks)  $2.00
 Check-Writing Fee (Check Plus Checking only, after 3 checks per month)  $1.00 each
 Early Withdrawal Fee (Christmas Club accounts)  $5.00
 Account Closing Fee (if closed within 3 months of opening)  $20.00
 Gift Card  $3.95
 Notary Fee (non-CU documents)  $5.00
 Returned Mail Fee  $5.00
 Dormant Account Fee (after 12 consecutive months of inactivity)  $1.00 per month
 Verification of Deposit  $5.00


Card Services & Lending Fees
Foreign ATM Fee $1.00
Replacement Debit Card or PIN $5.00
Credit Card Cash Advance (non-TEFCU cards only) 1% of cash advance
Late Payment Fee $20.00
Over-Limit Fee 5% of balance (min: $10; max: $25)
Duplicate Lien Release $10.00
Skip-a-Payment $30.00


Safe Deposit Box Rates
Size 3x5 $20.00 per year
Size 3x10 $25.00 per year
Size 5x10 $35.00 per year
Size 10x10 $50.00 per year
Lost Key $15.00
No Keys/Drill Fee $150.00