Student Union Accounts

Available to members ages 13–22, a Student Union account helps young people prepare for their financial future. We offer savings, checking and credit card options to help teach young people how to manage their money before they go out on their own. They also gain access to exclusive Student Union member content and events!

Student Union Savings: ages 13–22

Receive all the benefits of Student Union membership plus...

  • Free gift on your birthday
  • Eligibility to open a Share Certificate with a reduced minimum deposit 

Student Union Checking: ages 16–22

Receive all of the benefits listed above, plus...

At age 16, Student Union members are eligible to open a checking account.

  • Parent joint owner required if under age 18
  • No minimum balance fee
  • Overdraft to share account
  • Free debit card ($250 daily spending limit)
  • One fee refund per quarter upon request
  • $100 to open

Student Union Credit Card: ages 18–22

At age 18, members may apply for a Student Union credit card. Contact a loan officer for details.

  • $500 limit
  • No income requirement
  • Parent co-applicant required

We're here to help

Contact us today with your questions about student accounts. Or simply visit your nearest TEFCU branch to open a Student Union account!

Already have an account that meets the requirements, but you're not receiving the benefits? Contact us to have your account flagged as a Student Union Account.