Share Certificates (CDs)

What is a Share Certificate?

Share certificates are similar to certificates of deposit (CDs) at other financial institutions. Members may save a specific amount of money for a specified period of time at an agreed rate of interest. Rates are subject to change without notice. View current share certificate (CD) rates.

TEFCU offers five types of certificates, which earn interest at rates that are competitive with market rates:

  • 12-month certificate
  • 24-month certificate
  • 36-month certificate
  • 48-month certificate
  • 60-month certificate

Share certificates offer guaranteed earnings, which are paid to you monthly. Interest rates for certificates are established weekly based on government securities with like terms. 

When you purchase a share certificate, the current rate is fixed until the certificate reaches maturity. The interest earned on the certificate is paid and compounded monthly into any account you designate.

Is a share certificate a safe investment?

A certificate at TEFCU is insured, along with your other credit union deposits, to an aggregate total of $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the federal government.

How do I begin saving with a share certificate?

With a minimum deposit of $1,000, you can purchase any term certificate. We also offer a $10,000 minimum certificate that offers an even higher yield. You can purchase any number of certificates you want, and they may be purchased at different intervals.

To purchase a share certificate, simply stop by one of our convenient locations. You can purchase a certificate with a check or cash, or have the money transferred from one of your credit union accounts.

Is there a penalty for withdrawal on a Share Certificate?

Certificates can be cashed in prior to maturity, but a penalty will be imposed on the amount withdrawn. Please note the stipulations listed below:

  • If the term of the certificate is less than one year, the forfeiture is an amount equal to three months of dividends, whether earned or not.
  • If the term of the certificate is one year or more, the forfeiture is an amount equal to six months of dividends, whether earned or not.
  • In the even of death or disability, no penalty is assessed.

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Share Certificate Rates, Updated 5/17/2022
Length of Share Certificate

APY for Balance 

APY for Balance 
Over $10,000
1 Year .92% 1.17%
2 Years 1.17% 1.42%
3 Years 1.42% 1.67%
4 Years 1.67% 1.92%
5 Years 1.77% 2.02%


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*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Rates are subject to change without notice.